Foks Kablo Environmental Policy

In our company, energy, raw materials and materials, etc. it is essential to ensure the optimal use of natural resources.

FOKS KABLO makes production that is reliable and high in quality, while its products can fulfill the diverse needs of customers. On the other hand, any kind of unfortunate bad effects, that can have negative effect on environment and human health, are likely to occur during any kind of production. Being aware of this risk, we commit eliminating these effects for ensuring our excellence.

• Our company promises to always be sensitive to our environment, do whatever we can to prevent pollution and obey the laws and regulations, for we all know that environment comes in the first place.
• Our company realizes its responsibilities about optimum usage of energy, raw materials and natural resources.
• FOKS KABLO, realizing its responsibilities about protecting our environment, considers reuse and recycling of solid wastes and treatment of wastewater and it executes continuous improvement studies on these subjects.
• We organize periodic training programs for our employees and suppliers to increase their Environmental consciousness and effective involvement to "FOKS KABLO Environmental Management Systems”..

İhsan KAŞ

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