Occupational Health and Safety Policy

FOKS KABLO: "The health of our employees means the health of our company" principle is acted upon.

FOKS KABLO's primary principle is to reduce risks and losses to a minimum level within all fields of production, by forming a healthy and safe working environment in the light of our humanistic philosophy.

By strict application of “Occupational Health and Safety Management System”, and the periodical inspections, system’s performance is continuously checked and amended for all the better results.

To provide this, the principals below are constituted:

- Compliance to the laws and regulations about the Occupational Health and Safety,
- Main objectives are to amend any risky or dangerous applications that may cause accidents or job illnesses and to prevent them indeed, in advance, by full participation of all the workers,
- Always acting with "Our Workers' Health is Our Company's Health" principle,
- For continuous improvement, workers and other related groups are trained about the Occupational Health and Safety; they are encouraged to sustain being healthy.
- Any knowledge related to the safety and health is shared with the workers, while asking and taking their opinions for evaluation, which is an indispensable requirement for participation.

İhsan KAŞ

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